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Qingdao Runjianze New Material Technology Co.,Ltd, eatablished in 2012 with 100 million Yuan registered capital, is a professional enterprise for high-performance structural ceramics and new composite materials production. Our company has advanced composite material research center,product testing centerand two industrialization bases of  ceramic-based composites and resin-based composites.

  Our company adheres to "based on national defense, service the local", uses new theories and new methods of material science, mechanics and physics to solve key issues of materials in the fields of weapons, ships, aerospace, etc. In-depth research are carried out around armor materials, sealing materials, damping materials, and fiber reinforced composite materials. Our company has already formed four sort series product, and can personalized design, prepare, and mass produce according to different demands.

 The company emphasizes the combination of production, education and research, and has established good cooperation relations with Harbin engineering university, Harbin university of technology, Qingdao university of technology, Ningbo institute of materials, Chinese academy of sciences, etc. We keep introducing advanced concepts and technologies at home and abroad, And we will  continue to forge ahead, strengthen military and civilian  integration, improve product performance, and expand  application areas in the fields of high-performance structural ceramics and new composite materials.